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Design with a view to the future

Thanks to the innovation in constructive solutions, 
Atlántida has clean and organic lines, which outline a 
first-class finish. With state-of-the-art materials 
projected throughout the entire structure, were the 
light and the greenery of nature are harmoniously 
integrated to offer a spectacular view

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The resurgence of history

History tells us about the mythical city of Atlantis that, hidden by the ocean and oblivion, was once the place of origin of a supreme civilization, where culture, science, and technology flourished. A city populated with riches and charms that planted in humanity the vision and hope of a perfect city.

A legend that resurfaces in time, to develop the most disruptive concept in the Punta Cana area. 

A tip of land where the entire Caribbean meets

Punta Cana is, undoubtedly, one of the destinations in the Americas with the greatest development recently, thanks to an infrastructure that allows immediate interconnection to any destination in the world.

It has its airport, tourist ports and all the facilities to live to the fullest. An active life within nature, near the best beaches in the Caribbean and extensive vegetation.

An area filled with a cosmopolitan culture, first-class restaurants, shopping centers and spaces where nightlife offers you a new experience at the end of each day.

Live the way of life

Live life in your own way.
Atlántida was conceived so that you can experience life to the maximum, exploring new paths, allowing you to enjoy the best of nature from a futuristic perspective.

Conquering new spaces and emotions, with social areas and swimming pools where your day-to-day life is transformed into a collection of special moments.

You will have for your enjoyment restaurants and various social areas to share with the family, as well as concentric pools, which will change the way you enjoy life.

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In Atlántida you will be a few minutes from Bavaro Beach and Downtown Punta Cana, connected to all the cosmopolitan culture of the area with the greatest tourist boom in the region, where the most beautiful days and the most vibrant nights are lived.

Environmentally Friendly

Sport Zone







Club House


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